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A Trusted Resource for Publicly Traded Companies & Compliance Professionals

This is a very bold statement that we do not claim lightly. We say this with confidence based on our many years of tried and tested experiences. Our clients can put their trust in us that we will interact respectfully and professionally, provide a service that is of the highest quality and accuracy and be there when we are needed to do our part to meet their goals.

We aren’t a “fly-by-night” business trying to lure you with false promises. We were formed in 1985 as a financial and billing services provider. As issuers began implementing the requirement of filing electronically through the EDGAR system in the late 90’s, we saw an opportunity to start offering these services as well. In 2002, we became a full-service, registered SEC EDGAR filing agent and have continued to grow and tailor our services based on the SEC’s constantly evolving requirements and technological advancements.

Today, we are proud to offer a complete solution for corporate issuers. In addition to EDGAR and XBRL, we provide investor communication services such as press release distribution, website IR data feeds, proxy & printing and much more. We are extremely excited about the diversity and quality of services that we offer. You can learn more by browsing through our website, which is newly updated and we’re pretty excited about that, too! Also, we will get into greater detail about these valuable services in future posts so please check back soon. You can reach us through our CONTACT page at any time to connect. We would love the chance for you to get to know us more and we’d like to get to know you, too!

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