Salli Marinov

Salli Marinov


Sedona Equity Registrar & Transfer, Inc.

The town of Sedona is known for its positive energy and calm tranquility as if there isn’t a care in the world when you’re there. At Sedona Equity, we want you to be so sure your shareholder needs will be satisfied that it brings you that same sense of peace and tranquility as if being on vacation in Sedona. You can rely on us as a highly knowledgeable resource (30+ years combined experience), helpful, and thorough in the work we do for you as we provide particular attention to detail. We are fast, efficient, and can’t stand making errors so we double-check everything before it goes out. What does that mean for you? Peace of mind…

I am particularly dedicated to providing both established and smaller companies with patient and respectful handholding and guidance as you enter the public markets and work your way to higher levels. While the field is convoluted enough with all of the regulations from the SEC, DTCC and FINRA, in addition to all the expenses you have with attorneys and accountants, Sedona Equity Registrar & Transfer is here to provide assistance and direction not commonly found with a transfer agent. We provide excellent service for all public companies and many private companies who have a large shareholder base.

Services include:

  • SEC Compliance Expertise
  • DTC FAST Transfer Agent
  • DWAC & DRS
  • Proxy Services
  • Paying Agent/Escrow Services
  • Annual Meeting Services
  • Shareholder Mailing Services
  • Stock Splits (Forward, Reverse, Round-lot)
  • Merger and Acquisition Stock Issuances
  • CUSIP Number Applications & Procurement
  • Restricted Stock Issuances & Transfers
  • Lost Certificate Replacement
  • Rule 144 Restriction Removal Expertise
  • Dividend Disbursement Services
  • Warrant Conversions
  • Tax and Cost Basis Reporting
  • Initial and Secondary Public Offering Services
  • Secure & Digitized Shareholder Record Keeping
  • State of the Art Industry Leading Computer Software
  • 24/7 Online Access to Shareholder Records

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